How to survive an examination preparation-the way I deal with it!

ImageAs students we often have to deal with different kinds of exams. Moreover, now when we are one step away from graduating we have to prepare for our finals. It is clear that none of us is likely to enjoy this because it is one of the most stressful and annoying periods of all times. However, I am about to show you some suggestions how to survive the examination preparation.

How best to prepare for you exams?

The first and most essential rule-enjoy the subject you are sitting an exam!  The more you take a fancy to it, the more likely is to get the best grade!


The picture shows exactly what you’re not supposed to do! Neither during the exam, nor during studying before it. Feel as much confident as you can and don’t fear from the exam! Turn your mind from grade oriented to preparation oriented. This is very important-that’s how you will start thinking on how best to prepare for the exam rather than on what grade you’re going to have. It will only distract you and you will probably not achieve what you are capable of.

Take your time! Do not rush! Spend as much time practicing as possible! A week before the exam try to summarize all your notes and go through them.

Take breaks every 30-50 minutes because the human brain cannot concentrate for more than an hour and after that studying turns out to be pointless.

It would be quite beneficial for you if you try to eat only healthy food because in this way you will feel much better which will definitely reflect on the process of memorizing.

Does and donts for the night before the exam:

Don’t study and take a rest! You need to sleep at least 8 hours to feel fresh in the morning!
It is of great significance to think in a positive and optimistic way!

You should not forget that every person has their unique way of learning and studying. Try to create the learning habits that will work for you and of course “don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of life, while competing for life.”

P.S. IT won’t work if your definition for studying is like this:



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