Overdosing on Facebook drug-consequences

First, let’s create an image inside our hfacebook-drug-bodyeads-imagine that you are a heroin addict-you HAVE to inject it to administer the drug directly into the bloodstream in order to feel good..By taking regularly heroin tolerance develops, in which the user’s physiological and psychological response to the drug decreases..Therefore, you need more heroin to achieve the same intensity of effect, the “rush”. Ok, now imagine that the heroin is actually Facebook. Once you’ve got trapped into this social network, sooner or later you become an addict.

Excess of anything is bad  –  a simple golden rule which collaborates with Facebook perfectly! The complete overdose of information is what keeps making us so vulnerable to this virtual reality which has more harmful than useful influence on us. Why is the technology so important? Yes, you can collaborate, communicate, connect with old friends and share but we lose something of a great value-the real relationships with our closest people.. I remember the time when I used to write at least 2 or 3 letters a week to friends who lived somewhere far away from my home and the thrill of receiving a letter back from them. What Facebook took from all of us is the joy of  reading a handwritten five-page letter rambling about every dream and hope and wish… More and more people are becoming true Facebook addicts has its certain consequences  –  behavioral, psychological, physiological, etc. You sit there, on the computer, allowing hours to while away unnoticed and even going so far as to ignore family and friends in the actual world. I am completely aware of the benefits you could obtain from Facebook but spending all of your free time on it isn’t one of them.

Let’s think about what are we doing on Facebook  –  wandering aimlessly, responding to jokes, poking friends, executing yourself because of work. Ok, is any of this constructive and beneficial enough for you? Doubt it! You keep watching if someone’s gonna like your photo, for example, if someone’s going to write you a message or what kind of shoes the neighbour has bought..wtf? You keep track of different people just to see how they live their own lives.. Sad, isn’t it? 😀

Let me tell you something  –  there are so many other wonderful thing on the internet you are missing out! If you want to sit on the computer-ok, do it, just do it properly! I have found for myself plenty of things to do which are not connected with Facebook. I use it because it has its useful sides like showing the world you exist and you have something to show (NOT YOUR UNDERWEAR) .You should try that too, make your life meaningful.. 🙂


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