My internship at the HR department of Nestlé Bulgaria


At the begginnig of June I wrote that I was part of Nestlé Bulgaria and honestly I was really thrilled that at the age of 18 without being a college graduate, I was able to apply for an internship and actually get it in a world-known company. As a person who is a constant seeker, it was one of the best decisions that I have made in my entire life! I had the chance to work in a totally professional environment surrounded by people who share values and work as a team. And the truth is – it surpassed all my expectations! 🙂 

The internship itself was part of the Nestlé Summer Academy which was organised for the first time and its idea was to combine learing in both ways – in theory and then in practice. We had many trainings like Coaching, Presentation Skills, Effective meetings, Business Principles, Business Ethics and so on. The great thing is that you could use all these skills in every other company. We had meetings every week sharing experience and exchanging ideas. We were also told that we should choose a project to work on and as I have said in one of my previous posts – my project was called Let’s rideshare!

Being part of such big company at this young age was also the proof that it’s not about the age, it’s not about the education, it’s about the knowledge and motivation you got! 🙂

Usually when people hear about internships they tend to imagine that it combines both serving coffee and making copies on the printer. But let me tell you something – big companies don’t work that way, business doesn’t work that way! If you want to hire motivated, efficiant and proactive team of young people you are not going to do it by making them do stuff they don’t like! If you want to keep them – then you have to do more! Unfortunately, not many companies realise that they will need millennials every single day, they will need them more and more! But it’s not going to happen at such low price!

But for Nestlé it’s the opposite – they know it and yeeees, they attract more and more young people!

What I learnt at the inpernship:

  • A company cannot function without teamwork. You cannot work in isolation. To make business everyone has to work as a whole.
  • To make business run we must have strategy. How to make it, how long it’s going to take.
  • The most important thing about the organization – THE PEOPLE – a company must have great people to get in the way – therefore, we must pay attention to them everywhere, all the time!
  • How can we optimize our processes and how can we make it work for the shortest period of time.
  • Millennials – companies will need them more and more – we should know how to attract them.

I also learnt a lot of other things concerning HR. I had the chance to work in an open space office which made me able to try and experience almost every feature of HR. I worked mainly in the Safety, Health and Environment team where I had to maintain the data bases and something I accepted as a challenge – to inspire people to take care of themselves while at work and to create a culture of safety in all of them. I was also involved in different projects with the Recruitment team like visiting some of the interviews, giving feedback and calling some of the candidates. We even visited the career forum – Career in Bulgaria – why not? where our mission was to attract and find all potential candidates for Nestlé. They were all happy to involve me in everything I wanted and, trust me, I wanted to try everyday, all the time. My mentor was eager to help me and to answer all the questions I had with details. In the end I had to present the team project Let’s rideshare! in front of the Country Manager Juan Carlos Peralejo and the management team. I got awsome feedback from everyone and I am absolutely sure that I will develop even more my presentation skills because I believe they are absolutely obligatory for the HR environment.  🙂

I cannot be more thankful to my mentor for the time she devoted to answer all my questions and to hear all my ideas and to even put some of them in action. The whole HR team was so kind, accommodating, and resourceful!

Working in such an environment totally changed my concept of the HR field but what was substantial was that I realised I would totally LOVE to learn and to develop myself in the field of HR.

All in all very productive summer! Now off to uni but I’ll write later on that! 🙂


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