I am at university now! :)

A lot has been going on lately! Really! 🙂 I did not have much time during the past few weeks because I spend most of my time at university..Even now! Did you know that studying in the library is six times more effective than studying at home? I may say it’s true..

I have already written about my feelings towards paying a lot of money for education. I am against it. Simply because it does not guarantee you anything. That’s why I decided to stay in Bulgaria and not to waste thousands of euros in another country. However, I already talked about that it in one of my previous posts – Education is an investment but not a guarantee.

Currently, I study Psychology at New Bulgarian University and I have to admit it – I adore it! 🙂 Even though I want to work in the sphere of Human Resources, the studies in the field of Psychology are really useful and supplementing. I have to say it, though – I, like most of my colleagues, had a tooooootally different idea of what Psychology actually was. It is way more harder than I expected and way more challenging for me. I have started to sharpen my analyzation skills, to work on serious cases and to learn about inretesting facts about the human mind and behaviour. However, most of my friends ask me if I know what they think… And I’m like “”Heeey, I study Psychlogy, not thelepathy!” Being a psychologist is not ONLY about spending time talking to people, analyzing their behaviour and making them talk about their dreams while laying on a couch. It involves experiments, research papers, hypothesis, criticism, etc..

So far, I haven’t  spent a minute regretting my decision because most of the time I feel happy, fulfilled and inspired by what I do.


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