Going to university is an investment but not a guarantee..

I haven’t been quite active on Twitter and on my blog but unfortunately, I have a French exam approaching (I am terrified BTW)  and also I am swamped with tons of other work. However, couple of days ago I read a blog post by Scott Berkun concerning college degrees and how they are an investment but not a guarantee. Scott presents couple of things you should learn in real life and how university can provide some of them. What made an impression to me is that he says “But of course there are other ways to get them.” And after thinking a little bit I have to say that I totally agree.

What made me write this is the upcoming event at school which is something like a “week of career consulting”. I really started thinking about my future and the career path I will take on. Three years ago I decided to study Psychology in university. But my true desire is to become a Human Resource Manager because I think that my urge to help people present at their best, my business knowledge which I am constantly expanding and my inborn tendency to deal with diverse people make a perfect combination for this job. I think I have finally found my true passion! 🙂 And now the time has come, I am applying to university after couple of months and I am two-minded about going to France and staying here, in Bulgaria. I truly wanted to go and study in the UK and to make a living there but since the college fees are £9,000 I am not ready to make SUCH an investment because it’s not even certain that I will have a return of that investment. Therefore my two options are France and Bulgaria. In France the money spent for a year are about €8,000 and in Bulgaria less than €3,000.

BUT! What I have to mention is the fact that probably two months ago I started learning things only on the Internet, found interesting videos and webinars, HR related blogs and so many more! By using the social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog in a more effective and useful way I got to know so many people who work in the field of the Human Resource Management and this really helped me to move forward very quickly! Well, trust me, it definitely made a difference! And this keeps me motivated! 🙂 That made me really think – is it worth to make such a great investment to be under a pressure the first year, to deal with everything on my own and in the end eventually not to get what I want when I could do it almost by myself with a little help from the university?.. Of course, the chances not to succeed here are also that big but the investment is almost 3 times smaller. If I start counting the positive and the negative aspects of studying abroad I will get even more confused…Studying abroad has its benefits but also its drawbacks. It makes you stronger though, it teaches you how to struggle. But more importantly, it is a big investment whose return is not guaranteed…

What would be the best choice?